FMRTE v5.0.2 for Football Manager 2012

Disponibile la nuova versione dell’editor in tempo reale!

E’ disponibile la nuova versione di FMrte, l’editor real time per Football Manager 2012.
Si tratta della versione 5.0.2 per la patch 12.0.4.

Cambiamenti apportati:


Added support for 12.0.4 Patch
Added a new feature that will (hopefully) make FMRTE compatible with future minor patches for FM12

Known Issues / Notes

This version may contain some bugs that can corrupt your savegame, so please make a backup of your savegame
If a player has retired from international football, FMRTE won’t show it on player profile. Go to player relations screen instead!
Changing a player/staff name will affect all players/staff that has the same name
Using the swap feature may corrupt your savegame, please use it carefuly!
If you are having problems with the installer, please try the compressed version


FMRTE may have bugs that can crash your game, use it at your own risk, and make sure you backup your savegame!

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